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The Marmi Santa Caterina Sas Company, located on an area of 15.000 square meters, 3.000 of which are indoor, was founded back in 1967 by the two brothers Guglielmo and Silvio Coltri who subsequently transferred the company’s headquarters from Caprino Veronese to S. Ambrogio di Valpolicella.

At present the two cousins Nico, the production manager, and Fabio, the sales manager, run the company employing a staff of 15.

Company Profile

Tradition and passion led the company to specialize in peculiar connoisseur works, leaving out the current mass-production and directing its sales not only to the Italian market but also to the foreign one.

The Marmi Santa Caterina Company cooperates with some of the most renowned Italian architects such as Carlo Scarpa, Caccia Dominioni and Mendini.

Since some years the marble and granite use is thoroughly diffused for applications once considered unusual: kitchen tops, furniture pieces for bathroom are more and more requested and a quality representing and perpetrating the value of the “made in Italy” is being highly appreciated.

Our company well interprets this value, both for our proved experience and the specialized knowledge of our workers that, together with the most advanced processing technologies, enable us to meet the different needs and expectations of our customers.

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